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The Jobs-To-Be-Done of a Brand

In this digital age, brands will continue to perform their traditional jobs-to-be-done, i.e.:

  • Functional: Help people find satisfying products/services without having to understand the specifics and details of the product/service. (I.e., buy a jacket with confidence that it is fashionable and of a certain quality).
  • Social: Signify to other people one’s own taste.
  • Emotional: Reassure the purchaser that they have made a good decision.
The functional job is most affected by technology, which allows brands to play a broader role as curator, helping consumers discover new products. In effect, doing the research for them.

New Values

“Authentic” is the emerging counterbalance to “virtual” products, services, and experiences. Brands should strive for Authenticity.

  • Authenticity means genuineness, credibility, and integrity of a proposition. Cues commonly used to ascertain authenticity are:
    • Immediacy in time: like watching a football match live is more authentic than watching an hour delayed.
    • Immediacy in place: like watching a football match in the stadium is more authentic than watching on TV.
    • Provenance: like a work of Art is more valuable if its ownership can be traced back to its creation.
    • Authority: recommendation of an acknowledged expert
    • Shared Experience: in the way that a shared sunset is more “real” than one experienced alone. (…50,000 Elvis fans can’t be wrong)
If I were a brand, I would be using technology to connect users to propositions along these dimensions.

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