The first thing Robin noticed was his cologne. Across the room, she could see the fit young man holding a bottle of champagne, hair waxed erect on his head. He looked like a racecar driver on the winner’s podium, only younger, musclier, and from Bollywood. Robin was definitely attracted. She had heard of the band on his well-fitting T-shirt, "MILF". Maybe they could go to a concert. But what would her friends say about the tattoo on his neck ... and the 20-year age difference? No, it would be more trouble than it was worth. ...was that a tongue stud? Robin took another sip of her single malt whiskey and tuned back in to the conversation she was having with the dapper marketing professional who, if she thought about it, looked a bit like George Clooney, only in red pants and pointy brown shoes.
This is the third in a series of posts for product managers seeking relationships. They start here.

Do you have the customers you deserve?

Once you've got the attention of a prospective partner, will you be able to maintain their interest? Or will their gaze roll off you like tears down MAC waterproof foundation? To sustain the attention of a prospective partner, you must convey a compelling promise of things to come. The content of your promise will depend on the quirks of the prospective partners you seek engagement with.

Prospective partners are often concerned with compatibility: does your proposition fit well with the other parts of their established ecosystem? Will hook-up be trouble-free? Will information transfer be uncomplicated? Will mother approve? These can be deal breakers. Your promise should reassure as well as entice.

Qualities inappropriate for longer-term relationships are, inconveniently, often the most attractive. So explicit promises can be counterproductive. Although an explicit proposition may catch your prospective partner's eye, they will usually turn away after an instant because, in the long run, "cheap and cheerful" propositions too often turn out to be "stupid and noisy."

Subtlety is required. Implicit promises hint at more complex satisfactions in store, if your prospective partner is willing to invest. An implicit promise is more likely to lead to engagement.

Explicit is mind-numbing

Implicit is intriguing
Implicit propositions engage the imagination and arouse interest. Although implicitly suggestive propositions may not turn as many heads as overt ones, they are more effective in engaging eligible customers (the type you want to have a long term relationship with), and carrying them through to the next level of commitment.

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