Why Kink?

the power of perversion

Fetishists, come out of the cave!
Like you, I'm fascinated by auto-erotic asphyxiationHallucinogenic frogs too; and base jumping. Who discovered these esoteric pursuits? Who first practised gavage? Who blazed the trail? Who charted the path to share their discovery with like-minded souls? How many people sacrificed themselves on the way? Who thought to make coffee from beans picked from civet feces? Most importantly: what other exciting destinations remain to be discovered?

That's the story behind the name of this blog, "How I got my kink". It was intended to be a series of fiction posts, telling the stories of how people had discovered their passion for aberrant behavior. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the time that empathetic contemplation of perverse behavior deserves. I was sidetracked on the road to aberration.

a treat for your mirror neurons
The blog has become a kind of a design / innovation blog, but there's still a connection with kink. For one thing, most good designers I know are deeply aberrant. How is obsessive attention to kerning or corner radius any less fetishistic when devoted to a web page than when devoted to, say, toes poking out of stilletos?

Innovation, done well, involves boldly poking where no (wo)man has poked before. It's straight-up aberrant behaviour. Innovators know the ridicule, and even shame. But persist! If our ancestors had shied away from aberrant behavior, there would be no golf!

Anyhow, that's the story of the blog's name. I hope, over time, to swing it back toward more popular forms of innovation, if the search filters allow it. In the meantime, I welcome your personal stories of redemptive perversion.

You are in a safe place.

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