App Lab at AVG Innovation is a Sprint Zero for greenfields projects. The video above is one of the deliverables of this sprint for the Patient Privacy Project.

This post describes the beginning of the process, the Inspiration.This post is part of a series describing the AVG Innovation App Lab checklist, using the Private Patient Records projects as a case study. The series starts here.

Privacy is one of the core topics of research at AVG Innovation, so when we were approached by PharmaPartners, Netherlands leading provider of patient record management systems, to collaborate on a project, we were interested. One of the top consumer privacy concerns is what might happen if employers or insurers had access to personal health information.

The table below provides an overview of the collaboration.

  • Global security software company 
  • “Be Yourself” brand
  • More then 150 million users in 170 countries
  • AVG Mobilation is #1 security app on Android

  • Netherlands' largest provider of information systems in the primary care hosting 9 million patients records. 
  • Current business is based on systems for Family Doctors and Pharmacists.
  • Pioneer in the area of personal health records. 
  • is the largest Personal Health Information System the Dutch market.
  • Build on mobile portfolio strength 
  • Develop new distribution channels
  • Bring privacy, protection, performance to new domains

  • Develop new consumer-facing business. 
  • Provide assurance of security and privacy to customers.
  • User Experience design
  • Security and Privacy solutions 

  • Data storage infrastructure 
  • Data access

starting criteria for an App Lab project

The criteria to take a project into an App Lab Sprint Zero are broad. This makes sense because:

  • viable ideas are often impossible to distinguish from non-viable ideas at first conception.
  • ideas coming out of Sprint Zero are rarely the same as the ideas going in.
  • the sprint is short, so unviable ideas consume minimal resources.

qualifications for a project champion

Projects should have potential to further the company's business goals, but the main criteria for a project to be taken into the AppLap process is a motivated champion. Qualities of a qualified project champion include:

  • personal belief in the opportunity
  • clear (starting) vision for the project
  • ability to promote the continuation of the project within the company.
  • at least 4 hours per week available to commit to the project over the six weeks of the sprint.

Within the sprint, the champion plays the role of Product Owner. For the Private Patient Records project, this was me. The project itself was led by Carolien Postma. Frank Laarakker led the team from PharmaPartners.

draft project scope

A few rounds of discussion with PharmaPartners led to the following:
In scope:
  • Domain: Self-care (including informal care)
  • Consumer segments:

    • People whose condition requires proper self-care; e.g., pregnant women, diabetics, heart patients, etc.
    • People who provide informal care; e.g., (first-time) parents.
  • Market: Netherlands. Value propositions can be validated in the Dutch market, but they are always created with a global audience in mind.
  • Business: B2C (consumer products/services)
  • Solution area: service
  • Go to market: 18 months to 3 years
Out of Scope:
  • Domain: Professional care, well-being (i.e., no immediate concern for health condition).
  • Market: BRIC markets
  • Business: B2B (products/services for health care professionals)

project brief

In a session with the project team and stakeholders from AVG and Pharmapartners, the brief was distilled to:
Create a solution to:
  • Connect consumers to Healthcare records.
  • Create the foundation for an ecosystem.

want more?

This description only scratches the surface of discussions, negotiations, and analysis that went into getting this project started. But the essential points are here.

I'd be pleased to respond to any questions or request for more detail in the comments below.

The next post will describe the second checkpoint of the Patient Privacy Project, User Research. The series starts here.

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